Odience 360


Whether a live concert at stadium, or local band performing at a small venue, 360° live streaming allows fans to engage their favorite artists within intimate settings experienced through immersive environments. Artists also benefit from the live stream events through interactive video walls connecting the performers with their audience creating engaging virtual experiences.

360° Experiences for Virtually Any Event™

Remote Participation Live Streaming Platform


Odience has an extensive list of interactions for users to EXPLORE. Users don't just STREAM, they PARTICIPATE.

  • Immersive Engagement
    With immersive 360 video, Odience transforms live stream events into an engaging remote participation event where the spectators can feel like they are at the event. High quality streams available on mobile devices, tablets, desktop or VR glasses ensures the highest possible reach.
  • Virtual Spectators
    Participants can elevate the performance as a virtual spectators by going live on the video wall and being part of the show.
  • Front Row + Autograph
    VIP experience with performers via one-to-one video calls overlaid on top the 360 experience. The artists can also snap and autograph a photo, sharing a unique and personalized moment with participants.
  • Emotes
    The artists feel the joy and excitement of the spectators through emotes displayed on the on-location video walls.
  • Social
    Participants send messages, photos and video call each other to experience the event together.


Wireless MEC Platform


Immersive Camera


HQ Video Stream


Virtual Spectators


    From small intimate venues to large stadiums, Odience is made for all venue sizes.
    Inside dome venues, the virtual spectators can fully surround the artists creating a truly immersive experience on both ends.
    3D environments blended with real world virtual spectators create a show beyond the metaverse.


Jam & Ama

Your favorite artists within intimate settings experienced through immersive environments


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